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Mashpi Amagusa Reserve

Mashpi Amagusa Reserve

Mashpi Amagusa is a project developed by  Sergio and Doris members of the local community with love and passion for the rainforest and its inhabitants, this is undoubtedly a very unique place where you will be truly amazed. Mashpi is about  2 hours from Quito and is home to pumas, kinkajous, hundreds of amphibian and reptile species, thousands of insects and arachnid species, and, it's believed, more than 500 species of birds.

Some of its famous endemic bird permanent residents  are these hundreds of colorful Tanagers such as the Glistening Green, Flame Faced, Swallow, Golden Naped, Golden, Orange Bellied Euphonia, Rufous Throated, Black Chinned Mountain, Moss Backed, Palm, Lemon Rumped, Yellow Throated Bush and more. 

It is a beautiful place to watch the Golden Headed Quetzal, Toucan Barbet, Crimson Rumped Toucanet, Smoky Brown Woodpecker, Red Faced Spinetail, Spotted Barbtail, Tyrans, just to name a few. It's one of the best places to watch these exotic tanagers  by the hundreds and sooo close, also there’s no other place to enjoy the Crimson Rumped Toucanet in such large number.



All photos by Hans Heinz (owner and photo instructor)







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Travel with a purpose, Help us save the rainforest

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