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Why choose Choco Toucan Reserve & Bird Lodge in Mindo, Ecuador

Why choose Choco Toucan Reserve & Bird Lodge in Mindo, Ecuador

Mindo, Ecuador

1.- You will get to spend time in a conservation project and will know you’re supporting a good cause.

2.- You will spend time, learn, share experiences and skills with Hans Heinz, owner and wildlife photographer and video producer

3.- You will get to spend time at a place not only good for birding, mammals, insects and amphibious but also with breathtaking views and surrounded by 150 hectares of pristine rainforest, river, waterfalls and superb trails for you to enjoy.

4.- You will have access to 5 observation platforms for an outstanding birding and photography eye level experience.

5.- You will get to share time with the knowledgeable owners and learn from them about native plants, trees, flowers, birds, mammals, local traditions, and foods such as cacao and coffee and how they are processed.

6.- You will get a real culinary experience where you will be indulged by local textures and flavors. You will enjoy fruits and vegetables that you can not find anywhere but in Ecuador. You will get to see how this great local food is cooked by the expert chef who happens to be the co-owner, and why not maybe learn a thing or two about authentic Mexican and Ecuadorian cuisine. If you join her in the  kitchen while your food is being prepared.

7.- You will enjoy a personal and intimate birding and nature experience at Choco Toucan Reserve, away from the birding crowds at our exclusive bird lodge..

8.- You will enjoy your meals on our comfortable terraces surrounded by hundreds of hummingbirds as well as  tanagers and toucans that come to the nearby banana feeders. Imagine that scene with the backdrop of a truly  beautiful rainforest.

9.- You’ll be able to relax in hammocks on the terraces, or swing in a hanging chair while still bird-watching.

10.- You will find some wonderfully peaceful spots, away from it all, where you can do yoga and meditation.

11.- Our expert chef will provide the option of superb, quality and nutritious vegetarian food. 

12.- Milpe Area which is where our bird lodge is located has registered almost 500 bird species which is more than many whole countries in the world.

13.- Because in addition to your visit to our beautiful reserve you can also take day tours to other birding hotspots to get all those target bird species you desire.

14.- Because our reserve is not only great for bird photography but also for all kind of macro photography.

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Milpe area hotspot

Choco Toucan Reserve hotspot

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Plan with us your visit to the Choco Andino cloud forest, one of the most biodiverse spots in the world, and get involved in our conservation project

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Travel with a purpose, Help us save the rainforest

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